GeForce Experience Not Working (Quick Fixes)

nvidia geforce experience not working

There is no denying that GeForce Experience is one of the best companion tools that one could ask for, and I have been using it for as long as I can remember.

Normally, the overall working of the tool is as safe and simple as it can be but every now and then, users have reported about running into some issues that actually deter from the complete experience.

If you have ever encountered issues such as the GeForce Experience not working or something similar to that, the process is not as complicated, to be honest.

What I’m going to do is look at some of the ways that you can use this method, and you would be all good to go without running into any problems that might come in the way otherwise.

If you have been wondering how it can be fixed, then that is what I am going to do in this post as I’ll walk you through all of it.

How To Fix GeForce Experience Not Working?

Now fixing the GeForce Experience not working is not something that is complicated. However, most of the time, users do run into some issues that can complicate things, and I’m going to prevent that from happening.

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#1- Update Your Video Card Drivers

Now, the fact that GeForce Experience is broken or not working has nothing to do with a lot of factors. There is a chance that a lot of the time, you are going to run into problems for the sake of running into problems.

I remember one time that GeForce Experience refused to run because I had a USB device plugged in. I know it makes no sense, but that was the case.

However, if you are experiencing the issue at hand, I would highly suggest that you go ahead and update your video card drivers, as that is a great way of ensuring that the GeForce Experience starts working again.

Do not forget to reboot your computer after the drivers are installed because that is one of the crucial moments.

#2- Kill Nvidia GeForce Experience Process

Now, this is something that is a hit and misses, but there are a lot of times that GeForce Experience is working. However, the app simply does not show up in the foreground, and there is nothing that you can do to fix it, either. However, if that is happening and happening frequently, then I would suggest a simple fix.

  1. “Open your task manager” and look for a process called “GeForce Experience.”end all tasks in task manager related to geforce app
  2. Now, simply “end the process” and then “manually start the GeForce Experience” from your Start menu or wherever you have it placed.
  3. This should go ahead and fix the issue altogether.

However, if this still does not work, I would highly suggest that you restart your computer as that could be something that is needed.

#3- Disabling Antivirus

This one I something that does not happen very often, however, it is important that we are looking at every outcome before we go ahead and decide to do something else. More often than not, 3rd party antivirus solutions can end up causing more than one issue with different software packages and other drivers.

This happens all the time, and while it is not as common for GeForce Experience, it all depends on the databases of the antivirus in use. If you are experiencing that your GeForce Experience is not working, I would highly suggest that you try disabling the antivirus and then restarting your computer, as that should solve it.

#4- Reinstall The GeForce Experience Software

This one is perhaps the most common issue that a lot of people face, something that I have faced a few times using GeForce Experience as well, and this one stems from the whole aspect of having dated or bugged GPU drivers in the first place.

Now, under normal circumstances, one would go ahead and simply reinstall the GPU drivers, and while that could work, this also results in some tedious work that most people are not comfortable with.

The alternative? Well, you can go ahead and reinstall just the GeForce Experience software, restart your computer, and see if that is of any help. I do understand that this is not something that might make sense at first, but sometimes, the weirdest problems are the easiest to solve.

#5- Create Firewall Exception

This one is a bit complicated, but I have encountered this a few times. Sometimes, the Windows Firewall ends up blocking GeForce Experience for one reason or another, and while we are still not been able to find out just why that happens, it certainly is an annoyance that a lot of people go through, and well, the more keenly you are looking at this, the better.

Thankfully, fixing this is not at all complicated, and in most cases, you will be out of the way in no time. With that said, you just need to create a firewall exception, and that should do the trick for you without any issues.

#6- Reinstall GPU Drivers

Moving onto, perhaps one of the most common issues that most people run into with GeForce Experience is the GPU drivers. It could be because of any reason related to the GPU drivers, and you can never just figure it out right away.

However, what I do suggest here is that you go ahead and simply reinstall the drivers. Now, in order to reinstall, most people would simply go to the control panel, uninstall the drivers, reinstall them, and be done with it.

A better way to do it is by downloading a tool called “Display Driver Uninstaller or DDU” this will help you uninstall the drivers almost entirely, and you will be able to do a clean install. This is like installing Windows, except you are just installing the drivers.

#7- Restart GeForce Experience In services.msc

Another thing that is probably going to help you fix the GeForce Experience not working is related to the fact that there is a chance there might be something wrong with the process itself. Now, the best way to look into it is to actually go ahead and check things through “services.msc.”

What I would suggest is that you “run services.msc through the Run command,” and once you are there, simply go ahead and restart all the services starting with Nvidia.

This is going to help you understand that there might be something else wrong, and you could potentially fix the issue that is plaguing you.

#8- Reboot Your Computer

Perhaps the oldest and most common trick in troubleshooting refers to simply going ahead and rebooting the computer, and while it is almost comedic at this point, you would be surprised to know the number of issues that I have fixed just by a simple reboot.

As funny as it might sound, if your GeForce Experience is not working, simply go ahead and reboot your computer, and that should, in most cases, fix the issue, and you would be all good to go.

#9- Modify GeForce Experience Compatibility Settings

While normally, this does not happen, as I have rarely encountered this issue, but some users have reported that GeForce Experience only starts working when the compatibility settings are modified.

GeForce Experience Compatibility Settings

Although handy in their nature, compatibility settings can be a hit and miss, and the best way to judge that is by simply going ahead and fiddling with the settings until you get the desired result.

#10- Disable Fast Boot Feature

This is one thing that might not be related to GeForce Experience not working at all, but I have seen users talking about how disabling the fast boot feature actually helped them with the software and made it work all over again.

showing where to find fast boot option in windows

With that said, if you are running into such an issue, go to the “power settings” on your Windows and “disable fast boot,” and that should fix the issue for you. Again, this is not confirmed as it is more of an isolated incident.

#11- Fresh Installation of Windows

The last resort is perhaps going through the process of reinstalling the Windows altogether. I do understand that this is not something that everyone wants to go through, but hey, if you are running into an issue such as this one, it is better that you go ahead and reinstall the Windows.

Now, I fully understand that this is not something that most people want to go through with, but the issues are there, and they are real.

My Final Thoughts On It!

While it might not seem like an important tool, GeForce Experience has proven to be a lot of help, and it is important that we are understanding the use of the software. If you are running into an issue with it, this guide is here to help you sort it out.

The methods that I have listed might work and might not work. As with any other piece of software, the troubleshooting is always randomized, and not all the methods work for everyone or universally, for that matter.

Still, I’m hopeful that this guide is of some use to you so you can easily get everything sorted.

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